Ananta Sacred Space

Spiritual retreat centre in the heart of a food forest project. Spain



My first Geodome

I love Geodome’s!  The first one I  made was by far the most exciting experience but not the most withstanding, being on a zero budget I made it from sticks found in the forest and not having any know-how at the time, they werent that well suited ! All the same the dome lasted me a couple of years.

Upgraded Geodome no.2

This time round I used ready made broom sticks that I painted with linseed oil, and sturdy gas pipe tube a friend picked up for me in the UK. I had a canvas made for it by a lady with an industrial sewing machine, and then with the help of volunteers and some split-pins we put the thing up.

Gale proof design

I was told that the Geodome design was used in the Arctic for buildings that would withstand the winds there. We have strong winds here too and my feeling is they are more secure than the average Yurt.


Everyone who has stayed here in both the geodomes have reported having really good sleep, maybe its related to the sacred geometry or that theres no interference from electromagnetics, or people are sleeping in closer contact with the Earth, who knows. My first dome was covered in a dark blue heavyweight tarpaulin, a friend commented that it was like “returning to the womb” strangely enough I lived in it for 9 months!