Ananta Sacred Space

Retreat centre in the heart of a food forest project

Blog Diary

MARCH 2013 Tree planting day.

What a great day! Sunny and perfect for planting trees. There was 8 of us in total and we began the day gathered on the strawbales


Sun, sun, sun, mulch, mulch, sow, sow, sow.
Snow! Oh no, no , no!

Ananta Diary December 2012

Ive locked up the rest of the house/buildings and moved myself into the bottom floor of my place where ive made a make-shift kitchen and put my bed next to my wood burning stove. Wow what a relief!

Permaculture Projects & Links – projects to reforest the desert and create food forests in Marrocco – a project to bring permaculture to Marrocco. – a permaculture project in Marrocco holding courses in herbal medicine, traditional food preparation & permaculture

Ananta Diary November 2012

How to propagate grape vines

Tamera portugal & water retension landscapes. August 2012

Wow! I had the privalage to spend 5 weeks in Portugal at the Community known as Tamera.
What a truely magical experience – I joined their summer University that spanned over 2 weeks and then stayed 3 weeks to study how to make water retension sites.


barbecues in the dragon oven under the stars, whilst bryce played the banjo he had brought with him….. ahh this is the life..

Ananta diary MAY 2012

Zak and I had a potato feast prepared in the dragon oven, it works perfectly & we had a fine time……….

Ananta diary April 2012

A time of cleansing and renewing especially when it comes to personal energy.

Forest Garden 2. Valencia Spain March 2012

This Forest Garden belongs to Juan Anton and how inspiring it is! Its approx 10  years old and has fully established itself in his back garden on probably less than a hectare of land. Its like walking into a jungle! It truely has a life of its own that you can feel as soon as […]