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Reforestation project


Wow! I had the privalage to spend 5 weeks in Portugal at the Community known as Tamera.
What a truely magical experience – I joined their summer University that spanned over 2 weeks and then stayed 3 weeks to study how to make water retension sites. I met some beautiful people from all over the world and overall had a fantastic time.

The Tamera code

If you dont know of Tamera I highly recommend that you look at their website they have a wonderful community ethos that they are really dedicated to actualiseing in the world. They also have done and continue to do very inspiring projects to heal the land amongst other things too numerous to mention here.

Water retension landscapes.

These are large areas that catch rainwater and look like lakes. The larger the retension space the more likely it will hold water all year round. Portugal is generally quite a barren and dry landscape which could easily mislead people into thinking that there is not enough rain but this simply isnt true.

The problem is there arent enough plants and trees to hold the water (due to monoculture farming & deforestation) and therefore the rainwater is just running off the land into the rivers and then out into the sea. Whereas if a water retension space is made in the right location it will catch this run off water.

It differs from a resevoir as it does not have a concrete base this is very important as then the water is able to sink slowly into the earth feeding the plants and trees that grow in the vacinity. A little eco system then begins to form and as has happened in Tamera, fresh water springs start to pop up over the land and the water table rises up. All this benefit aswell as haveing something that seems like a lake to swim in!

There is also another very important and beautiful aspect to these water retension sites and that is it provides the wildlife with much needed drinking water. When I think of the area that I live in I wonder where the animals find their water! Im surprised they manage to survive at all in the summer, there is know where i know of locally that holds water during the summer that animals can have access to. This is very worrieing as it is as much their birth right as it is ours but through our ignorance we have destroyed these natural water holding places.

Of course my aim is to create a water retension space here at Ananta. It is a daunting project but I  hope to create and some time not in the too distant future. Watch this space!…