Ananta Sacred Space

Spiritual retreat centre in the heart of a food forest project. Spain



Welcome to Ananta Sacred Space, may my dreams and creations bring you joy and inspiration to make your dreams a reality.

This project  inspired by a need to live a more simple, empowered  and authentic life, began in 2005  as  a humble piece of scrubland with an abandoned ruin at its center. spain november 2011 001

It has now culminated into a beautiful, peaceful, sacred house-n-land-feb-2012-027-300x225space, based on simplicity and eco friendly living. This creates the opportunity for  guests to really take time out to just ´be´, allowing for the inner well to be filled.

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“Ananta is a really authentic and genuine place with an abundance of peace and tranquillity.” Ricky Iles. Sussex, Uk

” A true space for transformation. The 3 weeks retreat I spent here have, I feel made a great effect in me. Thank you millions for sharing this project” Ineke Vollebregt. Findhorn community, UK.

I find you and your project a breath of fresh air in an often troubled world.” Margaret Lawes, UK.

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Based near Gandesa in the north-east of Spain, Ananta Sacred Space stands along-side The Camino De Santiago – The Ebro Way in view of the very special Pandol Mountains.