Ananta Sacred Space

Spiritual retreat centre in the heart of a food forest project. Spain


Creating sacred space away from the big cities and every day distractions, provides an important opportunity for remembering what truly matters and is worthy of nourishment in our lives.




Welcome to Ananta Sacred Space, may my dreams and creations bring you joy and inspiration to make your dreams a reality.spain november 2011 001

We exist during truly epic times, magical times even, where we have access to so many possibilities that life can seem like an endless rollercoaster of busy-ness, but what is it really all about?

Are you really doing what you love to do?

Are you connecting with what makes you unique and special, fulfilling your potential and ultimately living your dreams?

This project  inspired by a need to live a more simple, empowered  and authentic life began in 2005  as  a humble piece of scrubland with an abandoned ruin at its center.

It is now gradually becoming a living example, of a magical, 5th dimensional (love based) reality! Our goal is to reactivate our divine right of living in paradise, becoming self-sustained, creating beauty, restoring the forests and diversity, living  in joy & harmony with each other,the  animals, the earth and most importantly having something of benefit to pass onto our children & the next generations.

Our cutest yurt ananta project 220

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration or a place to have time to reflect and re-orientate yourself;

We offer RETREATS and WORKSHOPS, focusing on connecting more deeply with mother earth,  the universe and our own divine nature. Please feel welcome to visit us.


Based near Gandesa in the north-east of Spain, Ananta Sacred Space stands along-side The Camino De Santiago – The Ebro Way in view of the very special Pandol Mountains.